I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had metastasized deep in my brain. During my search for effective medicine to treat the side effects of radiation and chemo, a friend told me about Amber Alchemy. After trying a few oils with different ratios of THC:CBD, I found my optimal mix.  My pain decreased and my nausea was controlled so that I gained back my appetite.  My mood felt more balanced and my anxiety was reduced.  I recommend that you reach out to Amber Alchemy for quality cannabis products to assist you in managing your needs.  I could not be happier with the results.  

- Dana, Modesto, CA


My menstrual cramps are unbearable.  I make sure to have the oils around during that time of month because they bring me so much relief.  Just a little drop under my tongue like the directions say.  No joke.  It works for pain.  Ladies you have to try this stuff!

-Angela, Sacramento, CA


I had basal cell carcinoma on my left shoulder.  The doctors wanted to surgically remove a golf ball size chunk of my shoulder.  I got some THC rich Full Spectrum Oil and began to apply it to the basal cell.  Eventually the basal cell started to change.  It weeped and scabbed and shed.  After a few weeks it was gone.  

-Mike, Colfax, CA

I was diagnosed with folicular lymphoma and had multiple lesions on my chest and back.  After 8 months of taking a 1:1 concentrate orally and applying it topically to the affected areas I was feeling great.  My PET scan revealed that the cancer was gone.  I now take a maintenance dose of the 1:1 at night.  I feel that it prevents occurrence of cancer, but it also helps me sleep.  I am so grateful that I found this medicine!

- Monica, South Lake Tahoe, CA

The 1:1 concentrate has been very helpful in reducing my pain, as well as relaxing my mind and body.  It reduces my hip and shoulder pain, eliminates headaches, and was amazingly good at reducing dental pain.  The flavor is not unpleasant at all.  It is so good at helping with my anxiety and pain so that I can have a normal day.  Quite a blessing!

- Chris, South Lake Tahoe, CA

I got out of a 10-year opiate addiction using Amber Alchemy Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil.  I also got myself off of all pharmaceuticals for my multiple mental illnesses and my autoimmune disorders. I dose regularly with the oils and have been managing all of my symptoms.  No more side effects from my pharma meds.   This medicine has saved my life.  

-Amanda, Sacramento, CA


The Pain Relief Salve is an amazing product.   My knees are shot from years of hard work and softball and I feel shooting pain in them often.  I massage some of the Amber Alchemy salve on my knees and the pain disappears within minutes.  

-Brad, Grass Valley, CA

I take the CBD oils during the day for a nice uplift.  It helps me feel excited about life in a relaxed and grounded sort of way.  It is not psychoactive so I can work no problem.  

-Ben, Roseville, CA

My dog had a large tumor on his back leg.  I got it surgically removed, but it grew back to the same size (about the size of a walnut) within a year.  Then I started giving him CBD concentrate twice per day.  He is 35 pounds so I gave him a drop the size of a grain of rice each time.  After a few weeks the lump softened and began to decrease in size.  After 2 months it was completely gone.  I did not change anything else (diet, exercise, other medicine or vitamins).  I am convinced that the CBD oil got rid of it.

-Rachel, Grass Valley, CA

I have been on Percocets for a year and a half to manage my severe hip pain until I can get a hip replacement.  I transitioned off of the Percocets onto the 1:1 full spectrum cannabis oil over the course of a week.  During that time I was able to completely stop taking the Percocets without any withdrawal symptoms.  When I take it during the day I no longer experience the sharp pains.  It helps me sleep well and I wake up refreshed. This medicine is amazing. I absolutely love it!  

-Jackie, Grass Valley, CA

I have lived with severe depression for most of my life. I've tried many medications and electroshock therapy but nothing helped. I've also been hospitalized over 12 times. Amber Alchemy 2:1 concentrates have lifted me out of numerous episodes of torturous depression. I was in a severe episode this morning and couldn't get out of bed. Honestly, I contemplated dying. Fortunately, I took the full spectrum oil with and a vitamin C and my mood lifted significantly. I feel positive and I'm able to sit up and write this testimonial. I can't thank Amber Alchemy enough!!! 

- Chrissie, El Cerrito, CA

My son is severely autistic.  He was hurting himself and trying to hurt others.  He would not talk to me or make eye contact.  We have tried everything that the doctors recommended but nothing worked and the side effects were awful.  I gave him hemp CBD oil for years but it did not help much.  Then my friend introduced me to the Amber Alchemy Full Spectrum Tincture.  The difference in my sons life since that first day taking the tincture has been incredible.  As long as he has the tincture he is calm and happy.  He laughs with me and has began to communicate and make eye contact.  His life has changed and I owe it all to this medicine.   

​-Heather, Berkeley, CA

I have two cats who are 14 years old.  After giving them Amber Alchemy CBD tincture (10 drops per day mixed in with their food) both cats have experienced huge benefits.  Emma has lymphoma, and had lost a lot of weight.  She use to get sick every time she ate.  After only a few days of being on the tincture, Emma was able to keep her food down, and a few months into it she has gained weight and is doing much better.  

Charlie has arthritis that has impaired his movement.  I have been giving him the tincture for the same amount of time. He surprised me the other day when he jumped up onto furniture that he hasn't been able to leap to for years.  He moves around much better now and seems to be less effected by the arthritis.

-Kathy, Sacramento, CA 

FSCO 1:1 is very good for several types of pain, as well as really relaxing my mind and body.  It reduces my shoulder and hip pain, eliminates my headaches, and was amazingly good at relieving dental pain.  The flavor is not unpleasant at all.  Also helps me with anxiety.  Such a blessing!

-Chris, S. Lake Tahoe, CA

Amber Alchemy CBD oil has helped my wife balance her hormones as she goes through menopause.

-Charlie, S. Lake Tahoe, CA

For many years I suffered from type-A anxiety and insomnia. I was taking prescription drugs to help and I didn’t like the way they made me feel (not to mention my body’s dependence on them after so many years). I discovered the 20:1 tincture and my life has dramatically improved. I no longer take prescription drugs and I am much more calm. I like to say that the 20:1 allows me to be the best version of myself. I work full time and have two young kids, so life is a little hectic - with this medicine I’m able to keep it all in perspective. It’s truly a life saver!  

-Andrea, Berkeley, CA